La cave

The vines are meticulously selected on the plot according to their maturity and potential. The grapes are then taken to the winery.

La cave

Built by Pollus in 1910, it expanded, in 2007, with the purchase of new land and is now equipped with a harvest receiving area furnished with a hopper and a vibrating sorting table, which ensures gentle handling of the grapes that are then crushed and entirely destemmed.

The extractions are gentle and favour concentration, finesse and freshness. The macerations are long and give colour and depth to the vintages: a veritable work of art. White grapes are harvested in the cool of the morning before pressing, after which half of them are placed in 500l barrels where they will ferment and be aged for eight months.


The wine maturing cellar lies under the building, which provides an ideal temperature and hydrometry. Tuns, demi-muids, vats, barrels, etc. Here, we adapt to the organoleptic profile of each plot and each vintage, and we give the wine the time it needs to develop, grow and form a patina… in the half-light and quiet of this timeless place.